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The neighborhood in Hanford that I get the most inquiries about is the Silver Oaks Subdivision.  Located just west of 12th Avenue and north of Grangeville Blvd.  It’s a large sprawling development and was built by Centex Homes between 2003-2008.  So why does this neighborhood generate so much appeal?  The main draw appears to be: the floor plans and amenities, its great access to Grangeville Blvd and the 198 freeway (a plus for our military homeowners), it’s part of the Pioneer School District,  and its relative distance from the railroad tracks.

So what is the secret to getting into this neighborhood?

1.  Be on top of the market. After you are prequalified by a lender, have your Realtor set you up to receive automatic listings.  As soon as a new listing comes up in this neighborhood, you’ll get an email letting you know. Be ready to act! View the property immediately and make your decision about the home as quickly as you comfortably can.  If you decide to wait a week, that might be one week too late.

2.  Don’t rule out a short sale.  Some of our potential buyers have begun to shun the short sale.  Known for their longer time frames and no assurances of lender approval, it’s clear why they have lost their luster.  However, the majority of this neighborhood was sold during the housing boom.  Most of its residents bought at inflated prices and they cannot sell for what they own on their loans.   The bulk of the listings that will come on the market will be some type of distressed sale.

3.  Be competitive with your offer. Only about 29 homes sold in this subdivision in all of 2011.  That is a pretty low number considering a total of 548 homes were sold in Hanford during  the same year.  If there are multiple offers, you may not get a second chance to offer what you’re willing to pay.

If you would like more information about this subdivision or other neighborhoods statistics in Hanford and Lemoore, please feel free to contact me at 559-381-7685.

*Stats provided by the  Kings County MLS